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These are all the posts that have been tagged with natural.

Baked crispbread bites

Peter’s Yard is extending its range and moving into the growing baked snacks category with the launch of three new baked crispbread bites: Sea Salt; Five Seed; and Cumin & Nigella Seed.

An international flavour

As we are about to send the latest issue of CP to press, here is an overview of what’s inside to whet your appetite.

Healthy beef biltong range

BEEFit – a British company making 100 per cent British beef biltong – has launched a range of high protein, sliced, spiced and dried beef biltong – the perfect choice for an enjoyable on the go or post-workout snack.

Natural chewing gum promotion

Verve Inc, the producer of Glee Gum, has provided more than 50,000 free samples of its natural chewing gum to family friendly events all over the US this month – from fall harvest festivals to Halloween celebrations at stores, zoos and aquariums.

Healthier freeze dried snacks

Introduced by The Premium Snack Company, Nothing But’s freeze dried fruit and vegetable snack packs are available in six flavours and offer a healthy option in a sector traditionally dominated by sweets, crisps and nuts.

Getting creative

Susannah Millen visited Spun Candy’s flagship store in Spitalfields Market, London to find out more about the brand and its creator James Ellender.

Ice cream business shortlisted

Clapham, London-based business, Oppo Ice Cream has beaten hundreds of small businesses to be shortlisted in the national Nectar Business Small Business Awards.

Health and happiness

Apparently chocolate can help to reduce the size of your waistline. It’s official – a scientific study by Wolfson Medical Centre in Israel has shown that this is indeed the case.

Dark chocolate Christmas bars

With the festive season on the horizon, Madagascan chocolate brand Madécasse has expanded its range with the addition of two new dark chocolate Christmas bars – Hazelnut & Cinnamon and Orange & Cranberry.

Printed gummy revolution

A 3D gummy printer has been introduced as part of a new retail concept in confectionery – the Magic Candy Factory.

Single serve barkThins

barkThins has launched a single serving version of its traditional 4.7oz pouches in the US. The 2oz bags, are currently available at selected airport locations (including JFK) and will be rolling out in Gelson’s and Southern California and Wegmans on the east coast later this year.

Seasonal limited edition

Butterkist is set to release two exclusive limited editions for the seasonal market. Butterkist Limited Edition Grim Green Sweet popcorn and Butterkist Limited Edition Gingerbread flavour popcorn will both launch in September.

Whatever next

Innovation remains a key feature of the global confectionery market.