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These are all the posts that have been tagged with lollipop.

Sugar shortage

As a consumer of sugar, I know full well that I probably take advantage of the commodity when consuming it in my breakfast and hot beverages.

Gearing up for summer

Pandora Bell has created a new lollipop, Pink Lemonade Cloud to add to its line of sweet treats.

The only way is up

Daisy Phillipson considers the recent drop in hard candy sales in the US and the implications this has for confectionery manufacturers.

Sweet innovation

My trip last month to the NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago was a real treat that gave me the opportunity to see some of the trends that will be influencing the confectionery sector around the world in the coming months.

Wooden lollipop tree

Hancocks has launched a wooden lollipop tree to display 136 Kingsway Lollies on counter tops. The tree stands 500mm high and is designed to facilitate impulse counter sales or as a centerpiece for a children’s sweets display. The Kingsway Lolly Tree package comes with six flavours of lollies, including sherbet lemon, bugglegum, sour cherry, USA […]

Gravity deposited lollipops

The Original Gourmet Food Company has recently received a US patent for its gravity-deposited lollipop manufacturing process. The new 10.5g gravity deposited gourmet lollipops will be available for the first time this September. Original Gourmet flavours are available in this smaller pop size, which is ideal for sharing, and more comfortable for some consumers than […]

Cavity-fighting lollipops

Healthy Grid, an oral health company, has announced that it will soon be launching Loloz, cavity-fighting lollipops, designed to enable consumers to fight cavities while enjoying a sweet treat. Healthy Grid’s Andrew Clapp, says, “We know that some people need a little boost to keep their teeth up and others would just flat-out benefit from […]

Pran Exports Ltd.

Hall 02.2 Stand E040 – Pran, a Bangladesh based fruit and vegetable processor, has a wide range of food and drink based offerings. At the show Pran will be exhibiting a selection of its products, new and old, including the Pran Lollipop, the Pran Milk Candy, and Pran Mr. Mango. The Pran Lollipop comes in […]

Vimto lollipops are top drawer

Sugar confectionery manufacturer R Crawford (Northern) has launched Vimto fizzy lollipops with individual bar coded sticks in new drawer boxes designed for instant shelf and counter top display. Working in conjunction with Belmont Packaging, Vimto Fizzy lollipops have already made new distribution gains in the convenience sector. Aided, of course by the fact that the […]

Lollipops lose sales

Confectionery consumers worldwide are moving away from the traditional, sugary lollipop to other sweets, driven by health concerns and greater spending power.