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These are all the posts that have been tagged with aero.

KitKats to have 10% less sugar

In keeping with last week’s sugar reduction and reformulation theme, Nestlé’s UK and Ireland has revealed that 10% of sugar will be removed from its well-known brands, including KitKat, Aero, Smarties, Munchies and Rolo by next year.

Up in the air

Aerated chocolate has always been popular, with brands such as Aero, manufactured by Nestlé standing the test of time.

Kit Kat and Fruit Pastilles voted UK’s favourite treats

Kit Kat chocolate bar and Fruit Pastilles are the nation’s favourite Rowntree’s treats according to a survey done recently by UK visitor attraction, York’s Chocolate Story. The survey which was carried out to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of Rowntree’s in York sought to find which of the brands products still tickled people’s […]

Rowntree’s celebrates 150 years

The confectionery company that helped change the way the United Kingdom and the rest of the world eats chocolate is celebrating its 150th anniversary this month. Rowntree’s, which was acquired by Nestlé in 1988, began as a small drinking cocoa producer in the city of York in the north of England in the 19th century. […]

All natural Nestle

Kit Kat, Rowntree’s and Aero manufacturer, Nestlé Confectionery UK has become the first major confectioner to remove artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from its entire confectionery range. Nestlé Crunch chocolate bar is the last of the 79 products to become ‘no arts’, marking the culmination of extensive research and product development that started in 2005 […]

Nestlé Confectionery launches spring range

Nestlé Confectionery hopes to help convenience retailers make the most of the incremental sales and profit opportunities of the season through a clear focus on Easter immediate consumption early in the season.

An environmental cut above the rest

Nestlé’s York factory, which makes over a billion Kit Kats and 183 million Aero bars each year, has achieved zero waste status four years ahead of schedule. The manufacturer claims the move has resulted in substantial savings from landfill tax and a 70% reduction in the number of skip lifts required, while it also managed […]

Aero moves to biscuit aisle

Nestlé has moved its Aero chocolate bar brand into the biscuit category. It will be sold in multipacks of seven bars of Aero chocolate, mixed with round pieces of biscuit.