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Chew gum, eat less

European gum users have a range of motivations for chewing; among the reasons they give are tooth whitening, a distraction from smoking, and a way of eating less.

Posted 20 February 2013

A closer look at Chinese chocolate

According to Euromonitor International, chocolate confectionery is set to grow by 13 per cent in current value terms in 2012.

Posted 14 January 2013

Lollipops lose sales

Confectionery consumers worldwide are moving away from the traditional, sugary lollipop to other sweets, driven by health concerns and greater spending power.

Posted 27 November 2012

Advertising to children

The European arm of the World Health Organisation has just announced that marketing food to children is one of its top regulatory priorities.

Posted 3 October 2012

British chocolate – or is it?

Britain is credited with producing and selling the world’s first chocolate bar at the Joseph Fry & Sons factory founded in 1728, and the Fry, Rowntree and Cadbury families all played a pivotal role in the development of British chocolate manufacturing.

Posted 2 October 2012

The art of chocolate

I think the word ‘artisanal’ has been over used and often abused. The implication of artisan in the chocolate world is that the product is hand made. What does this really mean?

Posted 5 September 2012

Candy co-brands

The number of new co-branded products in sugar confectionery and gum looks set to increase once again in 2012, and includes the recent launch of two new Vimto brand confectionery products in the UK.

Posted 2 August 2012

Putting smaller brands in the spotlight

With big brands dominating the retail landscape, smaller brands in the confectionery industry have to work harder and smarter to gain an equal footing.

Posted 24 July 2012

Labelling laws

Health is not really a priority for most confectionery consumers, but it is covered by ingredient labelling designed to promote well being anyway – and the industry has to take note.

Posted 17 July 2012

Chewing gum for children

The small segment of the gum category devoted to products specifically targeting children aged 5-12 offers a decidedly more limited range of innovative products.

Posted 1 June 2012

Private label vs brand names

Private label confectionery is at a different stage of development in Germany compared to Austria and The Netherlands.

Posted 22 May 2012

Increasing online sales

Selling online has many clear benefits; reduced overheads, lower marketing costs and the ability to reach a wider audience to name a few.

Posted 8 May 2012