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The future’s sweet

Sweets provide the perfect imaginarium for fun, creative innovation and experimentation, say food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye and chocolatier Paul A Young.

Posted 28 April 2015

Mind blowing

ISM Innovation Award winner Tolga Erden tells Susannah Millen about the background to the launch of innovative popping candy SoundyCandy.

Posted 2 April 2015

Big in Japan

Julian Ryall considers how the Japanese chewing gum market is evolving.

Posted 3 March 2015

The race to innovate

Japanese firms are developing innovative new products for the domestic market while expanding overseas. Julian Ryall reports.

Posted 19 January 2015

What price chocolate?

Susannah Millen reports on the Academy of Chocolate Conference, which was held at The Royal Automobile Club in London’s Pall Mall in October.

Posted 18 December 2014

Driving reform

The confectionery and bakery sectors in India are struggling to raise standards in order to consolidate export sales. Raghavendra Verma reports.

Posted 18 November 2014

Global snack market

Virginia Garavaglia, global brand footprint director, Kantar Worldpanel, provides an update on the market for snack products around the world.

Posted 26 September 2014

A spotlight on Brazil

With Brazil firmly in the spotlight during the World Cup celebrations, Miriam Wells and Kylie Kendall report on prospects for the country’s confectionery sector.

Posted 11 August 2014

The colour purple

In April this year, Cadbury lost its 11-year legal battle with rival Swiss firm, Nestlé, to register Pantone 2685c as a UK trade mark.

Posted 9 June 2014

Strategy for success

Confectionery Production caught up with Alan Gundle, managing director of the Mondelēz International Global Science and Technology Research Centre in Reading, UK.

Posted 2 May 2014

A perfect pairing

Confectionery Production spoke to John Csukor, CEO and CMO of KOR Food Innovation, about his background and his role as culinary ambassador for the Almond Board of California.

Posted 4 April 2014

Beyond the bean

Susannah Millen meets Herman G Rowland, chairman of the board for the Jelly Belly Candy Company and recipient of the first ISM Lifetime Achievement Award.

Posted 19 March 2014

Shelf appeal

In the first in a two-part series, Graham Godfrey, food and confectionery industry consultant, considers how satisfying the customer and the consumer is a fundamental step to success in any business.

Posted 14 February 2014

Maximising sales

Robert Engström, director of operations for bulk merchandising at Akriform Plast considers strategies to help retailers and suppliers maximise confectionery sales

Posted 20 December 2013