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Mentos Chewy & Fresh

Mentos is launching a brand-new range of chewy mints, Chewy & Fresh. Debuting ahead of the summer refreshment sales spike, the new mints offer a burst of long-lasting minty freshness, in a small yet powerful format.

Perfetti van Melle (PVM) is introducing the range for the on-the-go consumer, looking for refreshment wherever they are. Differing from traditional Mentos mints, the 90-piece resealable bottles are more compact for an even stronger minty experience, and will come in Peppermint and Lemon Mint flavours.

Mark Roberts, Perfetti Van Melle trade marketing manager, said: “Refreshment is under pressure to stand up against traditional sugar confectionery – the category needs some excitement injected back into it. At PVM we’re actively driving this through a raft of new innovation across our brand portfolio.

“Mentos Chewy & Fresh is the first bite-size chewy mint, great for on-the-go and creating fresh connections.”

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