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Rhythm 108 goes 100% vegan

Rhythm108, the all-natural indulgent snack brand has gone 100% vegan across all its product lines by releasing a new and improved vegan All Day Snack Bar range. The snack bar flavours include Coconut Chocolate Chip, Choco-Walnut Brownie, and Hazelnut Cookie Dough and are available online and in-store.

Since 2015, Rhythm108 has produced organic chocolate bars, snack bars, mini chocolate eggs and tea biscuits, making it easy for those with a sweet tooth to snack on something healthy. All products are made simply, naturally, and completely free of GMOs, never using preservatives, flavourings or colourings.

The snack brand now has the fully vegan title, since they have replaced all animal ingredients with plant-based ones.

“We went Vegan because we didn’t like what we saw at existing food companies and we wanted to create a new type of food business,” said founder of Rhythm 108, Siddhi Mehta. “One where 21st century values like trust and mindfulness are at the forefront of what we do. As a brand we look at everything from sustainability to company culture and how we can be a company where our clients are proud to purchase from.”

With the persistent rise in veganism, Rhythm 108 continues to respond well to the market by supplying all plant-based products to its customers while gaining popularity in doing so.

Siddhi explained: “We went vegan because the environmental footprint and ethical implications of animal farming have become more evident. The natural step for us was to remove dairy from any of our current ranges – namely our snack bars.”

Rhythm 108 products are stocked throughout the UK, Ireland and Switzerland in major retailers such as Sainsbury’s, WHSmith Travel Stores, Boots, Selfridges, As Nature Intended, as well as over 3,000 independent retailers.

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