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Crické, insect-based snacks

Crické, a new-food brand specialising in insect-based savoury snacks has launched its product line to challenge the UK’s healthy-snack-market.

Crické’s products are snacks high-in-sustainable-protein – reportedly 80-200% more than comparable products. Made from cricket powder, they deliver insect-based nutrition in a discrete form that helps people overcome the Western taboos surrounding eating insects.

Insect-consumption is a hot topic in sustainability, as insects require far less land, water, feed and energy than traditional protein sources, and are high in complete protein — containing all the essential amino acids — vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus and potassium.

According to research by The Grocer, 42% of Brits are willing to try insects, and the EU market is already open to receiving these new foods. In the last few months big chains such as Sainsbury’s, Coop, Carrefour and Kaufland have started distributing insect-based products.

Cricket Tortilla Chips are made with corn so they are naturally gluten free, and baked (instead of fried) so they are healthier and less greasy.

Cricket Crackers have more than 22% protein, offer a a great crunchy texture, and are made with extra virgin olive oil.

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