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35 Japanese KitKat flavours in one box

Nestlé’s KitKat first appeared in Japan in 1973, and since then have created more than 350 different varieties.

To celebrate that 45 year anniversary, Nestlé released an exclusive box containing 35 of the most popular Japanese KitKat flavours. Many of them have never been available in the same place at the same time over the years, making this box an especially collectible item.

The anniversary box is split into three tiers. The first, Popular Classics, contains flavours like the original milk chocolate, Adult Sweetness, The Power of Matcha, and Everyday Luxury. The next tier, KitKat Chocolatory, features Sublime Bitter, and I Heart Fruits in strawberry, yuzu, passionfruit, raspberry, and cassis flavours, along with a special strawberry maple flavour. The third tear, Regional Series, has the most bizarre flavours, like purple sweet potato, adzuki red bean paste sandwich, shinshu apple, and tamaruya honten wasabi.

The boxes are currently available in Kit Kat Chocolatory stores throughout Japan and for purchase online.

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