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Eatlean launches Protein Cheese Snack Bars

Cheesemaker Joseph Heler has extended its Eatlean range into the snacking and convenience sector by introducing new Eatlean Protein Cheese Snack Bars.

The new packs contains 7 x 30g bars, each bar containing 11g of protein and only 1g of fat.  Protein Cheese contains 45% more protein than regular full-fat cheddar and 90% less fat than full-fat cheddar. The snack bars will be launching in June into selected Morrisons stores across the UK.

The Eatlean brand has seen rapid growth over the past 12 months, achieving listings in all major supermarkets, alongside a number of specialist online retailers.

David Wells, Eatlean Brand Manager says, “Our Eatlean brand goes from strength to strength because we’re always listening to our consumers, through social media and at events where we’re showcasing Eatlean.

‘We hear from consumers who are frustrated that there are currently no truly healthy options in the cheese snacking section, with all still being relatively high in fat, making them an unviable purchase.  We believe the launch will continue to bring new consumers to the cheese section – and we’ve got further exciting developments in the Eatlean range ready to go this year too.“

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