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Chocolate company accepts digital currency

Chocolate company Love Cocoa is now accepting digital currency Bitcoin for its products. With PayPal already accounting for around 60% of payments for the brand’s products, the Bitcoin addition will further improve the customer experience.

James Cadbury, founder of Love Cocoa and distant relation of Cadbury’s founder John Cadbury, says, “When Cadbury’s first launched 200 years ago it was an entirely different landscape and the thought of ever accepting digital currency would have been far-fetched. While the love for chocolate has definitely endured, we’ve got to move with the times and look at what will give our customers even more convivence.

“We already supply products that can easily fit through letter boxes, perfect for online sales, and now we’re allowing our customers to pay with Bitcoin too.”

Bitcoin can be used to purchase across the whole of the Love Cocoa range, including the brand’s subscription boxes, with a selection of flavours including Earl Grey milk chocolate and gin and tonic dark chocolate.

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